OTC 059: Leadership (Part 1)

This week, Brian and Shelby discuss leadership as it relates to the martial arts. We also describe our definitions of self-defense vs. fighting vs. competition, and chat about the revisionist history of Taekwondo. Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 057: Don’t Join the Cobra Kai

Back after a few months with a new episode! This time, Brian and Shelby talk about traditional vs. sport/modern martial arts, their interview with WESH news in Orlando, and the SHIELD Against Bullying program. A few links we mentioned on the show: The Karate Kid: Daniel is the REAL Bully No More Kings – Sweep Read More …

OTC 056: New School Beats Old School?

This time we talk about old-school black belts vs. modern practitioners in both BJJ and Taekwondo, and we discuss how hypocrisy can sometimes creep into martial arts schools. We also myth-bust one of our previous busted myths! Link to martial arts registration law in Guam: http://www.guamcourts.org/CompilerofLaws/GCA/10gca/10gc062.pdf Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 055: Chuck Norris’ Locker

We’re back! This time, we discuss what makes a “traditional” style, training with injuries, and why some martial arts organizations are filled with corruption. Also, what to do when a student is losing interest right before a milestone achievement. Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 054: Fish Stories

Rickson Gracie’s red belt promotion sparks some discussion about ranking systems, promotion requirements, and what it truly means to be humble in the martial arts. Shelby also tells some tall tales… Here’s a link to the video we referenced on the show: Rickson Gracie Red Belt Ceremony Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 053: Future so bright…

This time, we talk about the separation between the traditional practices and combat sports. We also discuss what the future may look like for the martial arts. Here’s a link to the book we referenced on the show –  A Killing Art: The Untold History of Tae Kwon Do. Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 052: Take two!

We’ve got another great round of fan questions! This time, we discuss understanding and controlling distance in a fight, staying consistent with your training over the long-term, and the benefits of cross training. Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 051: Choices, choices…

This episode, we provide some advice for adult students, discuss whether a curriculum actually holds back talented students, and provide our thoughts on the recent news regarding the Lopez family of Olympic Taekwondo fame. Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 050: More Listener Questions!

We’re back with more listener questions! This time, we tackle, how the martial arts can help with anxiety or depression, what aspects of training benefits school aged children the most, and combatives for the modern war-fighter. Also available on our YouTube channel: