OTC 046: 2017 Battle at the Beach Q&A

This episode we have a Q&A session about the upcoming Battle at the Beach in Daytona Beach on May 20th. We discuss the event and answer some listener questions via the live chat in YouTube. Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 045: Advanced Levels of Training

We continue our discussion regarding the fundamentals and move on to advanced training. Also, we answer a few fan questions regarding MuSool Hapkido, curriculum design, and keeping students involved for the long-term. Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 044: Becoming Fundamentally Sound

We’ve had a few questions coming in about a variety of topics, so this week we discuss over-training, martial arts fundamentals, and branching off into different arts. Also, a shout out to another great YouTube channel for those who are interested in learning more about a ketogenic diet. Check out Megha and Matt over at Read More …

OTC 043: Even More Personal

Part 2 of our discussion about our background and other personal details you’ve asked about. We’ve got John back this week, so we’ll make sure he has some time to share his story. Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 042: Getting Personal

Since many of you are new to the show, we thought it would be good to give a little more information about us personally. We did this way back on our first episode, but have had a few more questions about our history/experience since then.   Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 041: Martial Arts Myths

This time, we focus on martial arts myths! We discuss some of our favorites, some truth behind them, and the pros and cons of martial arts fables. Also, here is the book Shelby referenced during out discussion about Taekwondo’s history: Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 040: Weapons

This week, we talk weapons! From traditional weapon training to modern applications, we discuss weaponry as it pertains to martial arts. We also tackle the controversial topic of unarmed weapon defense. Also available on our YouTube channel:

OTC 039: Informally Formal

This time, we talk about all things formal and informal regarding Martial Arts training. We’ll talk about the use of uniforms and belts in some systems, adhering to old traditions, and when/how some training methods should be updated. Also available on our YouTube channel:  

OTC 037: Hanging Out

We are live! Thanks to Google Hangouts Live, we were able to record our first live show. This week we discussed guest instructors, a home invasion story, and the importance of keeping the fundamentals fresh no matter what your skill level. Also available on our YouTube channel: